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Darshan Gadkari

Founding Strategic Advisor

Darshan Gadkari currently leads a global 24x7 technology operations unit for Sony Electronics Information Systems Department.

In 2005, as the Vice President of Operations for TravellingWave, a wireless startup, Darshan was responsible for securing funds from the National Science Foundation and allocating them for company operations.

Darshan has a vision that we are all about to enter the NANO Age. Darshan believes that funding the initiatives is critical to the growth of the nanotechnology sector. In 2004, he founded Naylsts, a nanotech research company to secure funding from the investment community and government organizations. He worked with several financial, scientific and product management experts to help nano-scientists build proposals to receive funding from the Investment Management, Private Equity and Hedge Fund community. He single-handedly managed strategy, marketing, business development, technology, and operations for ‘Naylsts’.

From 2001, Darshan has provided consultations and expert opinions to many investment management and alternative investment firms on the global software market products, services, trends and demands.

From 2000 to late 2003, as part of KPMG Consulting, Darshan consulted with various fortune 500 companies including Exxon-Mobil, Hess Corporation, Pepsi Co, Yum Brands, McDonalds, American Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Degussa Construction Chemicals, Carnival Cruises and ConAgra Foods.

Darshan considers educating the youth as vital to spreading the awareness of nanotechnology and its applications. He is a "Junior Achievement" program volunteer who has a passion for teaching. He holds a Bachelors of Computer Engineering from the Victoria Jubilee Technical Institute in Mumbai, India and a Master of Information Systems Management from the prestigious Carnegie Mellon University. He was awarded the National Talent Search Scholarship in 1993.