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Joseph P. Milana

Founding Member

Dr. Joe Milana is VP of analytics research at Opera Solutions where he leads the integration of new technologies into the Company's offerings. Previously he was a Chief Scientist for Fair Isaac where he alternated between product development and research roles. While in product development, Joe worked on or managed the analytics staff for nearly all of Fair Isaac's fraud products, and in research he led algorithmic development and the pursuit of new market opportunities, such as spearheading Fair Isaac's entry into the PPC Internet marketing space. Joe has a Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics and was in Academia before moving to San Diego and joining HNC/Fair Isaac in 1996.

Work Experience

June 2008 - Global Analytics Opera Solutions Vice President, Analytics Research

  • Charter includes converting company’s nascent Internet-marketing offering into a reproducible, scalable product line.

2005 – April 2008 Fair Isaac Research Fair Isaac Corporation Chief Scientist, Analytic Science

  • Charter involved identifying, defining, and staffing "horizon 3 and 4" initiatives: to date these comprise initiatives in Online Banking; in Click-Fraud; and in Loss Prevention.
  • Rainmaker for Company’s entrance into the PPC, internet-advertising market; work in Click Fraud obtained significant media attention, e.g. And led to launch of Fair Isaac’s Click Conversion Score with Think Partnership (THK): Lead patent initiative for Fraud and Research business groups. General Secretary for Fair Isaac’s annual Innovation Awards Committee.

2004 – 2005 Product Development Fair Isaac Corporation Vice President, Fraud Analytics

  • Head team of 45 scientists that included over 30 Ph.D.s, that develop all analytic models for Fair Isaac’s Fraud detection products (annual revenue > $100MM). Responsibilities included oversight of modeling teams for existing products (Falcon, Fraud Predictor, Falcon ID, Falcon Fraud Manager for Merchants, Falcon Fraud Manager for Acquirers, Fraud and Risk Management for Telecom) as well as the direct supervision of new product initiatives in Fraud. Drove the search and interview process for, my successor. Successfully transitioned leadership responsibility over a two-month period.

2002 – 2004 Research & Development Fair Isaac Corporation Vice President, Analytic Science
Led variety of Research initiatives including:

  • Scoped, defined and helped drive Fair Isaac’s opportunity in Pharmaceutical Marketing.
  • Developed statistically motivated approach for attacking the very-large scale optimization problems encountered in Fair Isaac’s “Strategy Science” offerings. ·
  • Involved in the feature planning of FI’s new model development environment, “Model Builder”; spearheaded tool’s application & deployment for actual market offerings.
  • Led Fair Isaac’s submission to KDD-Cup 2003, placing amongst the winners: “Model Builder for Predictive Analytics & Fair Isaac's approach to KDDs Cup 2003”, SIGKDD Explorations, Vol. 5, Issue 2, p.163 (2003).
  • Developed an internal class for scientists at Fair Isaac, "The Art of Modeling", designed to teach the basic techniques and IP in the company’s transaction-based predictive models. The material is presented in a self-contained and layered manner so that scientists at all levels (from our new hires to our most advanced scientists) could find benefit from the class.
  • Led the integration efforts of HNC Software’s Analytic community during the merger with Fair Isaac in 2002.

2001 – 2002 Technology Development Group HNC Software Inc. Senior Principal Scientist
Led variety of technology oriented Research.

  • Identified, prototyped, and supervised the production release of a focused algorithm for solving, at the most granular account-level definition, the cross-sell optimization problem. Release provides unprecedented optimization capabilities into the market place. Co-author of internal report: An Efficient Algorithm for Solving the Minimum-cost l-Assignment Problem.
  • Organized & managed algorithmic development as well as production release for solving the constraint-relaxation problem of the above cross-sell problem. Co-author of internal technical report: Relaxation of Product Volume Constraints in Marketing Optimization Problem.
  • Systematized & further developed the approaches to Reject Inference initiated during the eFalcon years. Internal technical report: Some Approaches to Reject Inference When “Industry Knowledge” is Available.
  • Provided the technical due diligence for a potential HNC strategic acquisition (“Narex”). Subsequently acquired by Fair Isaac in 2003.
  • Developed & wrote the design requirements of the optimization & simulation engine for HNC Software’s new Prospect Optimization Product, thereby providing first technical documentation of the Virdix product purchased by HNC.
  • Defined and maintained technical career path for the company’s 100+ scientists. Promoted cultural environment of scientific exchange through the establishment & maintenance of a Technology Seminar Series & of an on-line, Technical Library.

1999 – 2000 eHNC Director of Modeling, eFalcon

  • As Chief Architect of analytics, part founding team of four, bringing eFalcon (eHNC/HNC’s Fraud protection product for Internet and other Card-Not-Present Merchants) from drawing board to maturity. Included detailed evaluation of external data-feeds, the rollout of multiple profile models & implementation of approaches to attack issues of reject inference. Built the infrastructure for a rapid yet highly flexible model-development environment (as required by the Internet space) with seamless deployment into ASP production environment. Built or directed the development and rollout of all eFalcon models. Managed all external communication of group, including client interactions and external technical reports. Hired and grew the entire eFalcon modeling team (3 staff scientists, 1 software engineer and 2 data analysts). Trained and successfully handed-off Director Responsibility to successor.

1998 – 1999 Financial Solutions Group HNC Software Inc. Director of Modeling, Falcon

  • Managed all International Falcon Modeling efforts, directing product’s expansion in Latin America (Mexico, Brazil), Germany, the United Kingdom, & Japan. Managed all external communication of group, including client interactions and external technical reports. Pro-typed the first Falcon model that uses and demonstrates significant lift using free-form text (on the merchant name). Work led to press release and is part of the Falcon Content Vector patent listed below.
  • Drove technical innovation into the U.K. market place with "Poor man’s Cascade". Co-authored internal technical report: Increasing Falcon discrimination between high-risk transactions: A Poor-man's version of the Cascade Algorithm.
  • Developed the framework for a production data monitoring system. Co-authored internal technical report: Towards a "Warning Bell" system for detecting catastrophic change in the production data feeds to Falcon (1998).
  • Quantified by evaluating lift, the value to the market place of an HNC hosted, on-line, fraud alert system that links into wallets accounts across portfolios. Internal technical report: Accentuating the Negative: on the benefits of an on-line, consortium, fraud-Negative file.

1996 – 1998 Financial Solutions Group HNC Software Inc. Staff Scientist, Senior-Staff Scientist

  • Developed first multi-model suite in Falcon using a transaction based selection (& fusion) criterion that provided unprecedented real-time value detection, thereby securing Falcon’s expansion into the U.K. market & laid the foundation for the “Model-2K” Falcon Model release in the U.S. market. Internal technical report: Targeting High-Dollar Transactions: Catching the Cary Grants.
  • Resolved a series of production go-live crises for Falcon (in the UK, Germany & most notably for its visibility, the Japanese markets). These experiences led to the establishment across all FS products of go-live data feed tests that have essentially averted similar crises from again arising.
  • Spearheaded the successful expansion of Falcon into the Retail market space, innovatively building the first Falcon Retail model through “creative” modeling of bankcard data. Internal technical report: Sears Warthog.
  • Developed & pro-typed innovative algorithm that provides jumps of over 100% in precision at the real-time operating points of Falcon. Internal technical report: Cascading Falcon.

1992-1996: Research Associate, Nuclear Theory Group, Dept. of Physics, University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland.

1989-1992: Research Associate, Nuclear & High-Energy Theory Group, Dept. of Physics, College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, Virginia.

1987-1989: Research Associate, Dept. of Physics, Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon.


  • Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics, SUNY at Stony Brook, 1987
  • B.S. Applied & Engineering Physics with honors, Cornell University, 1982


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