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Nanotechnology Educational Bus Tour

With rapid developments in nanotechnologies, science educators and professionals need easy access to expertise, current information, technology, and professional development. The escalating importance of science and technology to the prosperity of American society demands an educated populace able to meet pressing science career needs, ensure national economic development, and improve human health.

The NRF Bus Tour is a partnership of traveling laboratory programs, institutions of higher education, and K-12 schools and school systems. It is built upon scientist and educator collaborations that will address the nation's science education challenge by providing authentic hands-on, inquiry-based, contemporary science education for K-12 students, educators, and the community. Providing equal opportunities for ALL populations will ensure that those who have been historically disadvantaged and underserved will finally gain access to the science and technology workforce.

The program's goal is to develop and disseminate a national network of mobile educational and laboratory programs centered around nanotechnology. They will have a common vision and shared curriculum geared toward inspiring an appreciation and knowledge of science and scientific inquiry, providing equal opportunities in nanotechnology education for ALL students and teachers consistent with state and national standards.

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