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The NRF Scholarship Challenge

Event Summary:

The Spring 2009 Scholarship Challenge is the NRF’s first awareness and educational campaign with a national fundraising effort as an important part of this event. Our student spokespersons will be leading the way by sharing their stories, goals and dreams, meanwhile educating and bringing awareness to other students, parents, teachers and general public.

The event can be done year over year to build substantial education funds for individual students and/or groups.

Event:   April 1 - June 30, 2009

By using proven fundraising methods, this event is to stimulate educational activity and promote a 50/50 goodwill relationship between the NRF and with students from around the country. Students will be awarded half the money they raise in the form of a scholarship once they reach a $1,000 minimum fundraising amount.


Event Goal:

The NRF goal is to sign-up at least 2,000 students from across the country for this year's coming events.

2,000 students x $1,000 fundraising minimum = $2,000,000 total raised:

$1,000,000 given directly back to students in the form of scholarships

$1,000,000 allocated to the NRF general fund to support future educational programs, scholarships and grants.

Scholarships Lag Behind College Tuition Fees

By using our proven fundraising methods, each participating student should focus on contacting 50 friends/family members and e-mailing them their personalized fundraising letter with a direct link to their fundraising webpage for secured online donations. The Students can personalize their letter and on how/why they want to save the world.

You can do this!


If the participating student solicits $20 from 50 people over a three month period at a rate of one person every two days, that should roughly meet the $1,000.00 fundraising minimum.

At the end of the event and if participating student reaches their minimum, half the proceeds to go back to the fundraiser in the form of a scholarship and the remaining half goes to the NRF general fund. If less than a $1,000 is raised the total amount will then be allocated to NRF's general fund to support future NRF programs.

The Suzanne Penny Scholarship

The event winner is recognized with the Suzanne Penny Scholarship and is awarded the full amount that they have raised towards their campaign effort.

About Suzanne Penny

Event Theme:


Nanotechnology = Inspiration. Imagination. Innovation. Implications

Inspiration to pursue an education and devote yourself to solving some of the world’s most challenging problems…

Imagination to think beyond the here and now to what could be

The world’s big problems need American innovation, and America needs to remain innovative to maintain our standard of living. Nanotechnology is a next frontier.

The nanoscale may be small (miniscule, actually!), but the implications are not.

A better treatment for cancer is within reach. Already delivery systems are being created so small through nanotechnology that drugs and medications can reach the targeted cancer tumors without the need of traditional chemotherapy.

Nanotechnology holds great promise in helping American achieve greater energy independence and a greener energy system. Already, nanotechnology is enabling scientists to find ways to make our home, cars, and businesses more energy efficient through new fuel cells, batteries, and solar panels.


Student Spokesperson Casting Call