Education Supporters

Educational Tour

Educational Tour Objectives

  • To create an interest in the field of nanotechnology by appealing to a young audience of high school and elementary students.
  • To create or repurpose curriculum at different levels of education:
    • General Public
    • High School
    • Elementary School
    • Community Organizations
  • To bring an appreciation for the field of nanotechnology and position sponsors as strong supporters to engage students to consider the fields of nano engineering.
  • To create a PR event with the Nano Tour Bus


  • Focus first on the San Diego market.  UCSD is already our first sponsor.
  • If we get enough funding, we will initiate The Nano Tour Bus as a part of the program.  To be considered with a mid-year launch.
  • NRF will partner with sponsoring organizations to garner funds to help pay for expenses in curriculum, content, program management and marketing:
  • Sales strategies include targeting industries for sponsorship as well as speaking tours with non-profit organizations that invite guest speakers such as Rotary clubs.
  • The Nano Tour Bus will be scheduled for stops at locations that can garner the best exposure.
  • Endorsing organizations can include City sponsors for “The Nano Plan” bus tour stops and for speaking opportunities, such as City of San Diego, CONNECT, Chamber of Commerce and the Economic Development Corporation.
  • Program will include speakers in different school settings from elementary school to high school. Career days, science fairs, Rotary Clubs and other associations.
  • Mid-year the program will include The Nano Tour Bus
  • Curriculum development can be repurposed for different audiences.  UCSD content such as animations, slides and charts can be combined with information gathered from the NRF to be housed in a library of content to be pulled for various speaking opportunities.  Additional content will be developed such as quizzes, interactive exercises and web content. Content will include:
    • Animations on a DVD – can also be left as a leave behind.
    • Web site content
    • Collateral
    • Fun tests and quizzes for kids
    • T-Shirts and other merchandising
    • Possible career backgrounds
    • Mid-year The Nano Tour Bus will also have hands on exhibits