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Volunteer of the Month

Shipli Ray, Director of Human Resources

Shilpi has always been a people oriented person. Her passion to interact and communicate with people helped her to become a successful human resources professional. She started her professional career in India when she joined Standard Chartered Bank after she completed her Masters in Economics. However, her passion for interacting with people changed her career path from financial services management to client relations and eventually to human resources. When she first came to the United States, she got an opportunity to work with San Diego World Trade Center and Atkinson-Baker, Inc. While working at Atkinson-Baker, Inc. she received the "Best Employee of the Month" award more than once. She worked at TeamLease Services Private Ltd, India’s largest staffing company with more than 75,000 contract employees in its role. At TeamLease she managed client relations and human resource functions in two Strategic Business Units at two different locations.  Shilpi was part of TeamLease’s strategic management team and contributed significantly in developing their business plan and organization goals. She actively participated in promoting company branding through innovative marketing strategies. She also was part of the company’s training and development team, where she developed training programs related to human resource functions and conducted several online and classroom HR training courses for employees. The company recognized her contribution with awards such as "Best Team Leader Award" and "Best Trainer Award".  Shilpi also has a Diploma in Business Management.

Shilpi never misses a chance to give back to society. This started in school when she headed the Leadership Training Association and successfully organized literacy programs for underprivileged children.  She has volunteered as a teacher at The Braille Institute, San Diego, CA and enjoyed the experience of having all of her students older than her!  At the Braille Institute, she shared her knowledge about India with her students and they, in turn, shared their experiences in life with her. In the past she has also volunteered for Thornton Hospital, San Diego, CA.

Shilpi feels that whatever she has achieved in life has been possible because of the love and support she has received from her family and friends. She has always been ambitious and has the courage to think out of the box. She hopes to continue doing things in life which affect the lives of others in a positive way. She gets motivation from the saying by Robert Frost - "Two roads diverged in a wood, and I... I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference".