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Volunteers of the Month

Carrie Reagh, Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer by trade; Creative by nature.

Based in New York City, Carrie Reagh runs uberDesigns, a 10 year finely aged graphic design and creative communications company. Her primary focus being on printed projects and business development, her work includes catalogs, corporate ID, marketing materials, e-newsletters and e-newsletter management, supplements, program guides and mini-sites.

In the last two years Carrie added photography to her list of creative services shooting mainly lifestyle and product shots.

A passionate, multi-faceted creative designer, Carrie draws upon a wide range of formative experiences – as graphic designer, project manager and photographer – and infuses that energy into her business and personal life.

"'s all in the details..."



Jason McAloon, Graphic Designer

Jason McAloon is a freelance graphic designer working at The Boundary of Art and Design. At the same time, he specializes in web and printed image development for socially responsible individuals, organizations, businesses, and events.

Jason's strengths are in visualization and conceptualization of an idea, with the skills and drive to follow through at a high level of design standards.

Jason is inspired by, and interested in working with, organizations that are involved in building toward a positive, humanitarian goal. Jason lends his services to organizations and individuals that truly have a greater interest in sustained and responsible development of humanity, community and self.

Jason gained his BFA in graphic design with cum laude honors, from the University of Illinois at Chicago. He has also studied design at the Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst in Luzern, Switzerland. Soon, he hopes to attend university for his MFA in visual communications, while still being able to create and generate brands and identity for positive, driven clients.

Some of Jason's work is available for viewing at:

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