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Established in July of 2008, the Nanotechnology Research Foundation (NRF) is currently building a strong leadership structure by identifying and securing a diverse Board of Trustees, Scientific Advisors and Strategic Advisors with backgrounds in government, private business, education and research.

The Nanotechnology Research Foundation Board of Trustees shall act as a governing body of the Foundation and assist in carrying out the Foundation's vision, mission and goals. To fully meet this goal, the Board of Trustees will participate in the planning process of the NRF’s short-term and long-term goals. The board will eventually have approximately 21 members that will be appointed for a three-year term with the exception of the founding trustees and officers.

The Board of Trustees, Scientific Advisors and Strategic Advisors are unpaid positions.

The Foundation will also have various Scientific/Strategic Advisory Boards in their respective disciplines. It's anticipated that there will ultimately be over 30 members participating in this capacity.

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