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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

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Partnership to take recruitment and development of
top-science executives to new level

In response to the growing war for top talent, a unique strategic alliance is announced today between NEXUSBioMed, a highly-specialized boutique executive search firm specializing in the physical and life sciences, and HUMANeX Ventures®, a leading talent-driven consulting, training, coaching, research, and assessment firm. The partnership aims to establish long-term, collaborative relationships with companies in the physical and life science industries and provide them with an innovative, integrated approach to talent search, acquisition, and development. 

NEXUSBioMed is led by Adriana Petersen, a reputable executive recruiter with more than 25 years of experience and in excess of 3,000 successful placements around the world, and Michael Terlaak, a seasoned entrepreneur with a 20-year track record of successful ventures in a range of industries who leads the company's NEXUSNanoTec division. Brad Black founded HUMANeX Ventures® to combine more than 25 years of his own experience in the development of human capital and building cultures of excellence with the expertise of a team of seasoned "Practitioner Scientists" who have driven scientifically-grounded talent selection practices for organizations across the country.

The two organizations will join forces not only to identify the very best talent for executive-level roles in science-based companies across the country, but also provide clients with measurable data to support the talent identification and selection process through HUMANeX Ventures® scientifically-driven assessment tools. Furthermore, with the development, training, coaching and assessment practices offered by HUMANeX Ventures®, the partnership will provide clients with something that most, if not all other executive search firms cannot: support in the growth and development of human capital AFTER the placement is complete.

"The executive search and recruitment industry is saturated with firms that offer no services beyond recruitment. Similarly, there isn’t another talent assessment and development resource that offers the expert-level search capabilities that we can provide through this partnership," said Petersen. "Together, we are unparalleled in our ability to offer top-notch recruitment services supported by scientifically-based assessment practices, not to mention the ongoing partnership with HUMANeX Ventures® to develop an organization’s human capital and grow its overall culture."

Petersen added, "This partnership with HUMANeX Ventures® allows us to stand out among other larger firms because we can provide a level of service and expertise that rivals their own menu of services, but with a personal, specialized and more nimble approach that they simply cannot match."

NEXUSBioMed's leadership understands the present and future impact of companies throughout the physical and life sciences, so the partnership between HUMANeX Ventures® and NEXUSBioMed will serve the biomed, pharmaceutical, medical device, healthcare and medical industries. Additionally, in a special effort to support organizations in the rapidly growing nanotechnology industry, NEXUSBioMed has established NEXUSNanoTec. A division of NEXUSBioMed, NEXUSNanoTec specifically addresses the growing need for talent and leadership within the advanced science of nanotechnology. This specialized division partners with start-ups and emerging organizations, as well as those that seed and support them. 

Led by NEXUSBioMed co-founder, Michael Terlaak, NEXUSNanoTec is heavily connected and networked within nanotechnology, including professionals in academia, leading scientists, highly-regarded researchers and experts in the private sector. The division will apply the talent acquisition and development processes offered the though NEXUSBioMed and HUMANeX Ventures partnership to support Angel and Seed Investors, venture capitalists, private equity firms, start-ups and emerging companies.

"It is our goal at NEXUSBioMed to build extraordinary teams of talented professionals and leadership that will ensure the success of companies in all the sciences," said Terlaak. "Additionally, through the creation of NEXUSNanoTec, we are extremely well-equipped to help companies involved in nanotechnology grow and help their technologies and products reach the market successfully. We are confident that the best first step in seeing that our clients succeed is by teaming with HUMANeX Ventures to provide objective, scientifically-sound, third-party tools and processes to finding the very best people to lead these growing companies."

The third party assessment process provided by HUMANeX is based on decades of scientific, evidence-based research. The tools and practices used in the selection process ensure the objective, accurate, secure, and measureable identification of specific talents for specific roles within client companies.

"Our assessment tools are founded on qualitative and quantitative data collection, scientific research, and expert analysis,” said Black. “We provide the objective, measurable data to both simplify and solidify the executive recruitment process offered by HUMANeX Ventures®. The marriage of our two top models of how to select talent into an organization will bring success to many, many science-based organizations that commit to applying our practices."

HUMANeX Ventures® will also offer clients its integrated services in growing and developing the executive talent they select to join their teams, as well as tools and training to transform their organizations into talent-driven businesses with magnetic workplace cultures of excellence.

"The added value we bring to this partnership, beyond the evidence-based assessment instruments, is our ability to partner with these client organizations to help them take the top performers they select to join their teams and further develop them to reach each individual’s potential," said Black. "We don’t stop with recruitment of top talent; talent alone isn’t enough. You have to develop it and build a culture that nurtures and supports it. You have to create teams of excellence and establish a culture that is committed to excellence and that will attract more top performers who want to be a part of what’s happening in your organization. HUMANeX Ventures® has designed a process to help organizations do just that; we’re excited to work with NEXUSBioMed to share that process with more leaders and organizations."

In announcing this partnership, NEXUSBioMed and HUMANeX Ventures® are committing to supporting organizations in creation and development of world-class teams that will drive their organizations to new and previously unattainable levels of excellence and success.

To learn more about NEXUSBioMed, visit More information about HUMANeX Ventures® can be found on its website,

Michael Terlaak is the also the Founder of the Nanotechnology Research Foundation, and Adriana Petersen is a Founding Board Member.


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Nonprofit Spotlight: Michael Terlaak, Nanotechnology Research Foundation

VolunteerMatch Recognizes The NRF as their Volunteer Organization of the Month

(December 9, 2008 - Nanowerk News) It may seem impossible to make significant changes on a microscopic level, but sometimes, that's exactly where you need to start!

Early detection of cancer, safer alternatives to chemotherapy, and many other very big changes are resulting from research and expansion in a field that works with materials on a very small scale – nanotechnology.

In an industry typically dominated by corporations and capitalistic ventures, the Nanotechnology Research Foundation has emerged as the first volunteer-based nonprofit focused on supporting the acceleration of nanotechnology awareness, education, recognition, funding and research – an accomplishment that Executive Director and Founding Member Michael Terlaak is proud to be a part of.

"We're creating a national synergy of scientific minds and projects to collaborate and develop a more effective means of achieving real solutions that will have significant impact," he said.

After working his whole life in the financial service market, Terlaak decided to take time off from the private sector and give back to society, not knowing he'd rekindle an idea that would benefit America and mankind as a whole.

In 2007, he started volunteering with The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society primarily to help recruit volunteers and to assist with fundraising campaigns, and it was then that he began to revisit some of the basic potential applications of nanotechnologies concerning advanced cancer detection and safer alternatives to chemotherapies.

Seeing the possibilities that more research and awareness could bring, he began recruiting others with knowledge and interest in the field and established the foundation in July of this year. Most impressive however, is the amount of volunteer recruitment the organization has accomplished in just a few short months, giving it legs and the momentum it needs to move forward.

"We've recruited over 200 volunteers from across the country in approximately three months including our primary Webmaster, coordinators, internet researchers, graphic artists, fundraisers, public speakers, grant writers, and business development and marketing specialists. We couldn't have grown so fast without!"

Making impact across several fields including medicine, communications, heavy industry and consumer goods, nanotechnology helps discover new behaviors and properties of materials with dimension at the nanoscale ranging from 1 to 100 nanometers. New filtration systems for waste-water management, greater reduction of energy consumption, and new drug delivery systems are just a few of the things enhanced by its development.

The Nanotechnology Research Foundations mission is accomplished through a series of programs including education and outreach, scholarships, policy advocacy, leadership opportunities and by creating a national synergy of scientific minds and projects to achieve impactful solutions

"One of the most fulfilling aspects of what we are establishing is an ongoing national scholarship fundraising campaign that could potential provide additional funds to thousands of students around the nation,” Terlaak said. "It's amazing what can be accomplished by working with so many volunteers and a common cause. Everyone brings their own personalities and skills to the table to share in supporting each others efforts."

Having become so consumed with the launching of the foundation, Terlaak now finds himself with very little free time, but offers some advice to others wanting to make a difference.

"You have to be passionate about what you do and the organization you are with," he said. "Because volunteering can be very time consuming, but also very rewarding."

Looking for volunteers to share in the passion you have for your organization? You can find them at VolunteerMatch.

About Nanotechnology Research Foundation

The Nanotechnology Research Foundation (NRF) is a non-profit organization focused on supporting the acceleration of nanotechnology awareness, education, recognition, funding, research and American innovation. We are a catalyst serving as the hub for the advancement of nanotechnologies. Its stakeholders include business and financial leaders as well as academic and research institutes from the private sector, in addition to government and other non-profit organizations with a common agenda. The NRF is advocating for increased private and government funding for advanced education and research to preserve American jobs in the ever increasing global competition for high-tech dominance.

Foundation Seeks to Advance Education and Research in Nanotechnology

Nonprofit Organization Focusing on Nanotechnology
Innovations to Keep America in the Technology Race

San Diego, CA – October 14, 2008 – The Nanotechnology Research Foundation (NRF) was recently established as a non-profit organization specifically focused on supporting the acceleration of nanotechnology awareness, education, recognition, funding, research and innovation.

Serving as a catalyst for nanotechnologies, the foundation will be funded by a diverse group of stakeholders from the private sector, foundations, government agencies, high net worth individuals and those individuals that want to support an effort that can dramatically improve American output from energy to medical diagnosis and treatment. Between China and India alone, graduating engineers are out pacing America by more than 10 to 1 and there are billions of dollars spent on government funded research programs coming from other countries including the European Union and Japan .

"Not only does this have an economic impact on America , but we might lose the intellectual race as well," said Michael Terlaak, the Executive Director and Founder of the NRF. "If we lose that, our last stronghold as a global leader, we will be dependent on other counties to create the new technological breakthroughs that will give us the next generation of innovative products and medical advancements. True, America still leads in innovation, the same way we once did in manufacturing, electronics and automobiles years ago. Without taking bold steps today, we are in jeopardy of letting our global leadership gradually erode like it has in other industries."

The Nanotechnology Research Foundation mission is to attract capital and talent from across the country to stimulate creativity and advance the adoption of nanotechnologies with sustainable industry practices for economic, environmental and social benefits.

This mission is accomplished through a series of programs including, an educational tour, scholarship programs, foundation sponsorships and government relations. Partnerships to promote education with higher learning institutions will kick off with a University of California at San Diego (UCSD) partnership. Along with the initiation of the newly formed UCSD Nanoengineering Department, the NRF is supporting the institutions efforts to build and fund a research lab dedicated to the advancement of nanotechnology. Other such programs will include a collaborative library for published documents and newsletters on breakthroughs and funding programs.

The NRF’s "The Nano Plan" will focus on education programs and scholarships to help attract students into the field of nano-engineering and other scientific studies using nanotechnology to create the next generation of products and solutions. The Nano Plan includes broad education initiatives and public service programs to create awareness about the opportunities using nano-scale science. (

"I am impressed with the NRF’s ability to provide this level of collaboration, bringing together a variety of stakeholders to collectively create programs that will sustain our leadership role in technology," said NRF Board Member, Surinder Singh, and former CEO of Consumer Business for Citigroup. "I am proud to join this talented group of individuals that I think can truly create the breakthroughs we need to create awareness and advance research."

About The Nanotechnology Research Foundation

Headquartered in San Diego , CA , the Nanotechnology Research Foundation mission is to create a national synergy of scientific minds and projects to better collaborate while developing a more effective means of achieving real solutions that will have significant impact with the use of nanotechnology.

The NRF stakeholders includes a diverse group from the private sector as business and financial leaders, academic and research institutes, in addition to the government and other non-profit organizations with a common agenda.

The NRF is advocating for increased private and government funding for advanced education and research to preserve American jobs in the ever increasing global competition for high-tech dominance. For more information please visit