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The Nano Plan Online Fundraiser

Overall Concept

In our efforts to spend more of our funds on the research that will make a difference in our world, the NRF has decided not to spend tens of thousands of dollars in pricey marketing and public relations firms to build exposure, but to rely on our newly evolving network of volunteers. In addition, instead of hiring a staff of expensive full time Fundraising Campaign Managers, we decided to compensate you, our volunteer fundraisers with incentives for your efforts. You can earn as much as you put into it, from part-time to full-time compensation. 

The NRF will provide a 6% compensation incentive to all those volunteers who would be interested in accepting an important role as a NRF Fundraising Team Leader to assist in The Nano Plan campaign, which will ultimately support our general fund and research that will eventually uncover breakthrough discoveries that could change our world.

You can fundraise as an individual. But if you want to earn money and inspire others to help in a great cause, sign up as an NRF Fundraising Team Leader and receive a 6% monthly residual based on your entire group's fundraising efforts. What a great way to do something good and earn money at the same time!

If you wish to decline the monetary incentive it will be deposited back into the NRF general fund or it can be used toward future NRF merchandise.

  • Additional fundraising incentives for an individual or a Team Leader will include NRF Bucks to shop at the NRF Store for all types of merchandise at different values. 
  • Commissions to be paid monthly for donations received the previous month.
  • Checks of $50 or more will be mailed each monthly cycle and if total raised is under $50 for that time period, the check will be mailed the next payout cycle once over $50.
  • Participants will be issued a 1099 at the end of the year.

Online Fundraiser Setup