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The Nano Plan Online Fundraiser

Online Marketing

NRF will provide additional marketing tips, example letters and additional support.

Get connected with our Volunteer Group for additional information and updates:

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Once you’re ready, e-mail all your friends/family and have them forward to their friends/family as a chain letter to spread the word and increase your chances of building your Fundraising Team. 

In addition, you can post the NRF logo, images, videos, content and the link to your donation page on your personal websites such as MySpace, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Another idea is posting on sites like Craigslist and other message boards. The possibilities are endless.

Understand that, as a Team Leader, your Team Member base can grow month over month. The NRF compensation structure was not intended to be used as a money-making program, but a fair way to attract and retain productive fundraisers in a cost effective manner. That said, we do realize the power of the Internet and e-marketing, thus our strategy.

Potentially, over a few months, if a Team Leader has 200 Team Members with each one raising $100 per month by following our e-marketing plan, that equals $20,000 to the NRF general fund and a $1,200 commission to you for that month. In time, 500 Team Members doing the same would yield $3,000 per month to you. This could become a full time compensation for those who aggressively market their donation page.

As you increase your marketing efforts you increase your income potential while also supporting our mission and providing the NRF with invaluable national exposure. This is a winning combination for all of us.

Thank you for your time and for supporting such an important mission. Additional information will soon be posted on the website including a Frequently Asked Questions section. 

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