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Strategic Plan
Strategic Plan

Future projects will stem from the following strategic plan:

The Nanoscale Science, Engineering, and Technology (NSET) Subcommittee of the National Science and Technology Council's Committee on Technology, with support from the National Nanotechnology Coordination Office, has released a new NNI Strategic Plan as called for in the 21st Century Nanotechnology Research and Development Act (Public Law 108-153) of 2003. This plan updates and replaces the NNI Strategic Plan of December 2004.

The 2007 NNI Strategic Plan describes the vision, goals, and priorities of the NNI. Through the approach described in this new Strategic Plan, the NNI will ensure that the United States derives growing economic benefits and improved quality of life for its citizens, and remains a global leader in nanotechnology R&D in the years to come.

In reviewing the basic elements of the existing strategic plan, the NSET Subcommittee found many aspects still relevant and appropriate. However, a number of modifications have been made to reflect progress that has taken place since 2004 and to emphasize and clarify the significance that nanotechnology advances will have for our nation.

As in the earlier strategic plan, this NNI Strategic Plan identifies major subject areas, or program component areas (PCAs), in which investments are needed to ensure success of the initiative. To better understand and manage the NNI investment, the Societal Dimensions PCA defined in the 2004 plan is divided into two PCAs in this updated plan, one titled Environment, Health and Safety and one titled Education and Societal Dimensions. This change aligns with budget reporting practices since 2006.

A second major change to the strategic plan is the addition of a number of representative high-impact application opportunities and critical research needs. The opportunities and needs are visionary, yet realistic, cutting across the NNI program component areas, and aligning with the competencies and missions of multiple participating agencies. These illustrative examples highlight the range of cutting-edge research and the variety of areas in which nanotechnology will transform industrial sectors and society.

See also The National Nanotechnology Initiative: Research and Development Leading to a Revolution in Technology and Industry, Supplement to President's FY 2008 Budget, July 2007.