Education Supporters


Corporate or Large Scale Investment

Funding NRF research is a major part of our mission and many corporations are considering nanotechnology for R&D. Some are already funding their own efforts, but could consider outsourcing the development and others may want to consider new or skunk work projects to focus on the benefits of nanotechnology.

Currently our research funding can be funneled to the UCSD Department of NanoEngineering.  Our ultimate goal is to fund our own NRF lab where we can collaborate research projects and provide optimization for development. 

Additionally, wealthy individuals and foundations may find the NRF cause valuable and would like to give a significant contribution for either operating expenses or for our capital fund for our own lab. 

Objectives for Corporate Fund Raising

  • Provide opportunities for large donations from corporations, foundations or wealthy individuals.
  • Fund our capital campaign to raise money for our own lab.
  • Support the efforts of UCSD, our sponsoring university to help accelerate the construction of their lab.
  • To support R&D efforts from either UCSD or our own lab depending upon the timing for development.
  • To create awareness on a large scale from significant corporations and other major sponsors
  • Open opportunities for strategic board placement from sponsoring organizations
  • To provide a sustainable funding source from the network of respectable individuals from the private sector.


  • Solicit corporations, wealthy individuals, foundations and other investors for donations to the NRF
  • Donations can be for operating expenses or for specific research projects
  • If earmarked for research, need to determine if it is for our capital fund to help support our own lab or for an R&D project.
  • Business plans will be presented depending upon the level of interest and the corporations need