Education Supporters

NRF Sponsorship

The Nanotechnology Research Foundation is seeking sponsorships for programs to help us create a sustainable funding source and provide organizations with awareness and opportunities to advance their business.


  • Create an interest in the field of nanotechnology by appealing to various organizations commitment to develop the next level of products and services.
  • Bring exposure to the mission and vision of NRF and sustain an ongoing network of participation from a number of stakeholders.
  • Provide an opportunity for brand exposure in support of a good cause.
  • Support educational awareness efforts that will target a wide audience from elementary school children to consumers of future nano developed applications.
  • Create a sponsorship program that provides levels of donations and a return on an investment.
  • Focus on key industries with synergies that are common amongst a particular industry sector.
  • Provide reasonable compensation that is attractive enough to engage the most successful sales organization.
  • Ensure that we have sound sales processes in place to communicate a pipeline, prevent sales conflicts and assist in closure of the sales opportunities.

Target Audiences

  • Foundations
  • Associations
  • Investors
  • Grant Sources
  • Philanthropists
  • Corporations
    • Pharma
    • Energy
    • Telecommunications
    • Science and Technology
    • BioScience

Sponsorship Programs