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Board of Trustees

The Nanotechnology Research Foundation Board of Trustees shall act as a governing body of the Foundation and assist in carrying out the Foundation's vision, mission and goals. To fully meet this goal, the Board of Trustees will participate in the planning process of the NRF’s short-term and long-term goals. The board will eventually have approximately 21 members that will be appointed for a three-year term with the exception of the founding trustees and officers.

The Board of Trustees, Strategic Advisors and Scientific Advisors are unpaid positions.


Members of the Board of Trustees (chronological order of participation):

Michael Terlaak, CEO/Executive Director & Founder
Former Managing Director of Diversified Capital Partners

Bevey Miner, COO/President & Co-Founder
Vice President of Government Affairs for Allscripts

Surinder P. Singh, Founding Member
Former CEO/CFO of Citigroup

Stephen Schoenberger, PhD, Founding Member
Member at La Jolla Institute for Allergy & Immunology

Terry Mohn, Founding Member
Technology Strategist for Sempra Energy
Vice Chairman for GridWise Alliance

Janice Kurth, MD, PhD, Founding Member
Vice President of Life Sciences for Visual Technologies

Kenneth Vecchio, PhD, Founding Member
Professor and Chair of NanoEngineering at UCSD

Bruce W. Doole, Founding Member
Founder of Permanent Value and BSD Venture Capital Fund

Annette Mason, Founding Member
Director of Strategic Collaboration for BAE Systems

Joseph P. Milana, PhD, Founding Member
Vice President of Analytics Research at Opera Solutions

Sadik Esener, PhD, Founding Member
Director for the NanoTumor Center of Excellence for Cancer Nanotechnology

Adriana Vela, Founding Member
Founder and Chair of NanoBioNexus and NanoTecNexus

Adriana Petersen, Founding Member
Founder & Managing Partner of NEXUSBioMed Executive Search