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NRF Vision

VisionInvesting in Nanotechnology research is an opportunity to invest in the technology that will spawn the technological revolution of the 21st century. Investing in the Nanotechnology Research Foundation is an opportunity to invest in a legacy to benefit mankind.

The Foundation’s vision is to be the first effort to specifically focus on the acceleration of nanotechnology research and commercialization through national collaboration. Like the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, the 1953 creation that bears his name will be Mr. Hughes' most enduring accomplishment. His vision for his scientific philanthropy was neither modest nor ordinary: He wanted his medical institute to be committed to basic research, to probe "the genesis of life itself."



Certain unique attributes enable the Nanotechnology Research Foundation to focus on this sector in ways that others cannot. First, we have a diverse membership that includes business and financial leaders, private companies, academic and research institutes and government and non-profit organizations, enabling us to serve as a hub among disparate interests. Second, the Board and professional staff have a broad and deep reach into the technology, policy and finance sectors. Third, the organization is designed to build on the country’s world leading position in a variety of technologies, life sciences, materials industries and leverage crossovers to nanotechnology. Finally, the Nanotechnology Research Foundation embodies a culture of collaboration that is critical to advancing complex issues.



Capital: Bring additional private capital, both strategic and financial to the effort. Position the United States as a major source of quality deal flow among nanotechnology investors.

Brand: Establish the United States as a world destination for all things in nanotechnology. Attract nanotechnology jobs, nanotechnology talent and nanotechnology money to the effort while exporting our nanotechnology products throughout the world.

Policy: Work with regional, state and federal policy makers to adopt rules supporting nanotechnology innovation and commercialization.

Innovation: Work to accelerate nanotechnology research efforts; coordinate with established research facilities to identify both synergies and gaps.

Connective Tissue: Serve as a hub for the many but disparate stakeholders in the nanotechnology community.